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Delivery Boxes

Yes! To help us maintain an environmentally friendly system, please leave the box outside of your front door or with your door man prior to your delivery driver’s arrival. Leave the reusable ice packs from your last delivery in your box so that we can sanitize and reuse them for the next delivery.

Our blue boxes are fully sanitized between deliveries with FDA and USDA approved sanitizer used in meat and poultry processing plants.

We include up to two boxes per delivery and the cost of the box is covered by the initiation fee.


You can view your subscription schedule by logging into your account and clicking “Manage Your Subscription”.

You will receive your subscription the week after you have been charged.

You will be charged on your “Order Date”. 

"Add-on" items must be added before Friday at 5pm to ensure delivery with the following week's order. You can add a la carte products by logging into your account and creating a new purchase.

You can pause or change the frequency of your subscription by logging into your account and clicking “Manage Your Subscription”. Additions or changes to your subscription must be made BEFORE the next “order date” or your credit card will be charged. If you need to make a change after you've been charged, please email a request to info@butchergirls.co.

Refunds typically take 1-3 business days to post to your account. During the COVID19 pandemic, banks are experiencing some delays and we have been told that funds can take up to 10 business days to post to your account.

If you already have an existing subscription, registration fees will be automatically deducted from additional orders.