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How It Works

For us, butcher shops are a gathering place for our community to reminisce over what our grandmothers cooked, share recipes, troubleshoot stressful holiday main courses, and catch up with friends. Even without the four walls of a store, we tirelessly strive to make folks comfortable enough to speak fluently about their preferences and needs from their kid's lunch box to cooking their first turkey at the family Thanksgiving. If you’re unsure about anything, holler at us. We’re here (literally) waiting for your call! 

Step 1: Complete your profile. Take your time when you fill it out and be specific! If there’s anything you know you don't want, be sure to let us know (ex:nothing with a bone!). The same goes for things you’re super psyched about (ex: I can eat pork chops every meal forever!). Trust us, we’re reading, taking notes and obsessively curating the perfect, personalized Box for you. 

Step 2: Pick your main Box.

If you want to choose what will be in your order then go ahead and add the Essential Meat, Chicken, or Seafood.

If you’re tired of making decisions and want to leave it up to the experts, we’ve got you covered with the Omakase box. (More on those here.)


Step 3: Choose your delivery frequency and add-ons. With your Boxes determined, next you’ll decide how frequently you want deliveries, and finally, what Add-Ons you may need. You can browse Add-Ons separately from the Boxes, but remember, you need to purchase a Box to choose Add-Ons .(Get it? You can only ADD it on). So, say you subscribed to that Chicken Box and an Essential Box but you have guests in town – that week tack on a ribeye! Or, maybe you’re hosting a brunch – add eggs and breakfast sausage. The world is your oyster...er, half pound of bacon.


Farm Fresh

We receive weekly deliveries from our upstate farmers straight to our shop. We carefully breakdown each carcass and custom cut every steak as we pack omakase boxes. That means the meat you receive has never been frozen. We vacuum seal each cut because we know things change and you might have to pop it in the freezer for next week (or the week after!).  Keep an eye out for the use and/or freeze by date on each item. If you have any questions, let us know but, when in doubt, trust your nose.



We will be delivering to NYC (all 5 boroughs), Westchester, Northern New Jersey, and Long Island. If you're somewhere else and want to order – call ya mama or call ya friends – get together a group of 5 and we'll make it work. No one is left out! 

Keep in mind, we do not ship. You will be getting a hand delivered box of your personalized subscriptions straight to your door. You’ll get an email when your order leaves our facility in the morning and then several texts throughout the day as your delivery makes its way to you. Our tireless drivers keep everything ice cold in our spiffy Yeti coolers (thanks, Yeti!) so you never need to worry about temperatures. (Love your driver? Tip them on Venmo! Their handles are on the texts you receive.)


    Squeaky Clean

    While the food manufacturing industry has always operated with the highest level of sanitation practices, there's nothing like a pandemic to up the ante. That's why all meat fabrication, down to each vacuum sealed package, is done wearing gloves and a mask. Each order is gathered, packed, and delivered using the same precautions.

    When we set out to design our packaging, we flirted with the idea of fancy branded tote bags – that was before we realized how important it is to use materials that can be sanitized and reused. In efforts to work towards a zero-waste operation, we selected heavy duty “round trip” plastic boxes which have hinged and interlocking lids, coupled with a few ice packs.  Your subscription fee includes 2 boxes per subscriber.  We will collect the previous week’s box(es) when we deliver your orders.  Each box that is returned will be carefully sanitized before being reused.


    Cancellation Policy

    We understand that plans change and things happen. You’ll be charged for each order the same day every week (or month) and if you need to skip an order, you must do so before you are charged for it. Otherwise, we will have to deliver your order. Similarly, if you need to completely cancel your subscription, you must do so before you are charged.