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Why We're Doing This

It's crazy out there. It's increasingly impossible to get deliveries through already existing services. Lines to enter grocery stores are long and once inside the shelves are full of whatever distributors can cobble together. There is a feeling of panic causing consumers to reach for whatever is left.

Corona, panic, and cabin fever aside -- one thing remains steady: local family farmers providing a strong, transparent supply chain for their communities. Many of these farmers have lost their restaurant clients, leaving them with a surplus of meats and veggies without infrastructure to sell them. By delivering to you and yours, we are creating a conduit from the farmers to you.

We believe that dinner should be a grounding and restorative experience especially when the world is a hot mess.  It certainly should not be one that forces us to glove up, mask up, and head out into the world to return with something that doesn't excite you.  By providing this service we hope to ease your minds by bringing well sourced food straight to you. 

We're all in this together.